The Mouth of Sauron was traditionally the highest mortal servant of the Nameless.Every decade Sauron chose a mortal who sacrificed his own voice to Sauron and become the vessel for the spirit of Dulgabêth, so the Dark Lord could use it to utter his will.The Mouth was Sauron's lieutenant and High-Priest and his ambassador and voice to his lesser subjects.

Known Mouths:


In MERP the Mouth is a Sorcerer from the second Age who artificially prolonged his life while in LOTRO he is one of the Gurzyul.This both contradicts the books where it is clearly stated that the Mouth was a living man.The Problem has been solved here by making the Mouth rather a Title or Position than an individual, so there may have been several different mouths throughout Sauron's reign.


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