The Emyn-nu-Fuin

The mountains of Mirkwood (S."Emyn-nu-Fuin" or "Emyn Duir") were a series of limestone hills with no peak over 2,000 feet high.  The range was bounded on the south by the Men-i-Naugrim (S."Dwarven Road"), to the East by the Fens of the Celduin River, to the North East by the territory of the Lakemen, and to the North West by the North-south running Gulduin river.  The hills were rounded, with twisting watercourses at their base.  A few lakes dotted the region and caves wormed their way into bald hills.  This territory was inhabited by few men and rather a few dangerous and unsavory creatures.  Fell-beasts, Lesser Giants, Trolls, and countless Giant Spiders inhabited this range.  The mysterious river-head of the Gulduin began the turbid and dark waters producing dark and hungry dreams should one be bathed in its flow.  These headwaters fronted a small lake and waterfall.  Known to few was the tower of Sarn Goriwing (S."Abhorrent Spray's Stone") a hollowed spur of rock in the middle of the falls.  Few of the speaking peoples had traveled this region except by keeping to the road and then only with great vigilance and many sharp swords at hand.

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