The Ered Angmar

The Mountains of Angmar (S."Ephel Angmar") were an extension of the Misty Mountains which engirdled the Nan Angmar and served as a natural guard to intrusions from the east, south and north.

Arthadanian maps referred to the twin arms of the Misty Mountains that enclosed Angmar's plateau as the Ephel Angmar. In the local pidgin Westron spoken by most of the Angmarrim, the northern arm was known as the Foryagsh, while the southern arm bore the name of Haryagsh (or "Famera-Grish"). Dwarves of Durin's folk had mined these mountains for centuries and millennia before the Witch-king's coming, situated as they were so near to Mount Gundabad, the ancient birthplace and heartland of their people. Orcs, Trolls and dragons had since occupied most of these mines, while the rest lay abandoned.

The Foryagsh (or "Fornephel") range bordered Talath Uichel, and its northern faces were punctuated at several points by glaciers whose waters swell the River Lhúchir on its journey through the Everdalf to the Hûb Helcharaes. While they shield Angmar from the icy blasts coming out of Forodwaith, the northern faces of the Forjarsh were subject to the colder weather of Talath Uichel. For this reason, their slopes were less thickly clad in pine, fir and spruce than their shielded, southern faces.

Some of the more sheltered northward-facing vales of the Forjarsh served as summer lodgings for the Witch-king's Sledwarriors. These Urdic tribesmen camped in groups of about a hundred (the normal size of a mobilized warband), and spent the snow-free months ranging the mountain valleys for game and preparing their sleds for the coming of winter. Though the Urdor were congenial enough towards their own kind, they regarded all others (save for the Witch-king's servants) with open hostility, so that it was unlikely that wanderers on the Talath Uichel would find food or sanctuary in the Forjarsh.


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