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Mount Gram


Mount Gram


Location of Mount Gram in southern Mountains of Angmar (MERP)

The tall peak of Mount Gram (Hi. Crúach Brón; S./N.Orodnîr) was on the southern borders of ancient Angmar. Originally a dwarven settlement of the Broadbeams and known as Barûk-Zigil, later the servants of the Witch-king had delved a mountain-fortress in the southern arm of the Mountains of Angmar which enclosed the Nan Angmar. Gram was the most notorious Orc-hold west of the Misty Mountains, and no Man had escaped from its depths alive with a coherent description of its interior. Its raiding parties harassed the Great East Road throughout the Third Age and occasionally got past the Rangers of the North and the Elves of Rivendell to trouble Bree-land and the Shire. Golfimbul, a lesser Orc-chieftain in the 28th century, led a raid that penetrated Hobbit-lands in T.A. 2747. He suffered, for his troubles, the ignominy of being the most important Orc ever to be slain in single combat by a Hobbit.

Places of note

  • Gornákh's Dungeons
  • Southern Gate
  • Tunnels of Mount Gram


Akúlhun Golfimbul Gorkil Gornákh Grarfim Krabanak Tharzog Thraluk Yurtagh Zarakarnin

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