(B S "Dark Battler") had more intelligence than the Orcs he commanded, but he had been promoted and demoted several

times for one glaring weakness When he scented Elven blood, he could do nothing until the Elven foe had been torn apart. His wits were committed to that one goal, and he would kill anything in his way In any other battle, however, he deployed his troops in a careful and prudent manner, utilizing their strengths effectively.Mornadak and his warrior Orcs hailed from the forest of Lotan in north-central Endor, Forced into service by Din Ohtar, the tribe called itself the Gûlsnaga (Orc. "Wraith Slaves"). The Uruk Drartul was afraid of nothing and no one — except Din Ohtar and his masters.He felt a special affinity for the War wolves which travel with his tribe. He often tended to their needs before those of his Orcish soldiers.


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