Mornârin Wanderers

The Mornârim (PQ."Dark-Host",Av."'Ûrnâ'im") were a group of Hildor tribes who had moved into the dark northern Lands close to the shadows of the Ered Engrin and the ruins of Morgoth's ancient fortress Utumno. They were often considered either Snowmen or a northern branch of the Easterlings.

Most of the peoples of the Northern Peninsula and the Barl Syrnac were of their kind, but also some of the Easterlings of Beleriand, especially the Bórians, and the early Forodwaith originally belonged to their host until they turned westwards on their long wandership.Most of the Mornârim Peoples lived in the northern Taiga-Forests or along the coasts and hilllands along the Northern Seas.


The Mornârim spoke a great number of related dialects collectively known as Mornârin.From this language family came the archaic Lossothren tongue Labba as well as Urdarin and the Aigar, Anklâ,Iskahr, Kúbor, Ôma, Shartha, Valg and Vothrig tongues.It was believed to have been influenced by Avarin, Melkian and Khuzdul.



Original form in MERP:Mornerim =Mornârim = Ûr'na'im

The Mornerin-tongues of northern Middle-Earth were partially based on Kugor, the Dragon-Speech and Athabaskan/na-dene vocabulary.

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