Moria Goblin

The Moria Goblins (or."Uhai-Murkrakh", "tribal confederation of the black crack") were the orcish inhabitants of Moria's Underdeeps. Even when Moria was still inhabited by the Dwarves, on-and-off small groups of Deep-Orcs seeped into abandoned mines and tunnels or raided remote Dwarven outposts. Later, with the rise of the Balrog, three tribes invaded Moria - the Snagahai, small degenerated creatures and the Durbaghash, a tribe of greater Goblins. Later, they were joined by the Uruk-Ungingurz - fighting Uruks hailing from Dol Guldur.

For a period, the great Orc Azog the Defiler declared Moria the capital of his kingdom in the Misty Mountains. After Azog's death his short-lived empire collapsed, and his son Bolg the Strong claimed the crown of Gundabad, while his kinsman Ogrod claimed Goblin-Gate. For decades, Orcish lords fought for the crown of Moria, among them outstanding figures such as Gorkil, Durburz and Groblog. Several new tribes invaded, and tribal alliances were formed and fell apart - among them the Durab, Durub and Ghâsh-Hai (supposedly descendants of the Durbaghâsh), Gazathrug, Highpeak Goblins (Or."Gong-Nalthop"), Largzurm and Pûlpum. At the time of the War of the Ring, the highest ranking Orc in Moria was Grishlug, an Uruk-Hai officer of Dol Guldur, whose position was contested by the large Hobgoblin Mazog,supposedly a descendant of Bolg the Younger, and the intrigous Goblin rulers Drisnak and Ghârsh. After the deaths of Grishlug and Mazog, a Hobgoblin called Magog claimed the Title Lord of Moria for a short period of time.


Moria Goblins of Note:

Ashpar Ashrak Azog the Defiler Borgob Crag-Rût Daul Dhaub Dhognûrz Dhugluk Dolpan Drâgh Drisnak Druzhag Dulgurz Durburz Folok Gagraz Gartok Gargush Gathrok Ghânush Gharsh Glothrok the Vile Gomîg Gralch Groblog Gurghâsh Harzul Hazhbaz Horngaz Horvak Huzghash Kâsak Khil Kraibag Krashnak Krumnâkh Lugdrak Lûrkh Magog Mazog Nalmâdûrz Nanulg Nímau Nurdak Nushdrak Obghâsh Oshadhûr Páshnar Pukhal Quílfra Raulik Rog-Lug Rûgh Rukalai Rûkath Shîk Snarg Tag Taugan Throqûrz Uglag Ukmash Urbhrum Yûl Zâhof Zarza Zîmarp

Movie Trilogy

In the Lord of the Rings Movies the Moria Goblins are shown as small underground creatures, Deep-Orcs, much similar to the Goblins of Goblin-Gate though more technically advanced.Most of these Deep-Goblins seemed to belong to the same race as the smaller Snagas of Mordor and Isengard, different from the books none of them seem to be Black Uruks although some individuals seem to appear of somewhat larger statue.

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