Moria's Cave Bears (S. "Ardas Grod"; pl. "Erdais Gryd"; Kh. "Felak-buarndur") were relatives of the black Barg-moigh, or "Great Bear" of the northern highlands of Eriador. They were huge beasts that stood two or three feet taller than a six foot man and weighed up to 1400 pounds. This frame was covered with a black coat, one normally accented by brown stripes on their paws, ears, and faces. The Cave Bear's gentle lines often disguised the massive musculature that enabled them to tear out stout roots or break bulky branches with quiet ease. One backhand swipe could snap a man's neck as effectively as a child cracks a twig. Their five to six inch non-retractable claws could rip through leather or light metal armor and inflicted deep, gouging wounds. Fortunately, displays of their frightening power were rare, for Cave Bears favored a diet of tubers, fruit, nuts, berries, and fish. Most were passive unless disturbed, ill, or in need of sustenance. Their usual routine revolved around their small (1-5), closely knit families. They were monogamous and extremely protective of their brood. Foraging sorties involved the whole group, for mothers rarely left the cubs alone at the den.

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