The Grey Havens

Mithlond (S. "Grey Haven", Os. "Mídlond", Q. "Mistelondê," Ad. "Nilazrakadar", "Shadowy-sea-city", W. "Namribas", "Elfwich") was ruled by Círdan and his advisors directly; it was the only part of Lindon to be guided by a structured group instead of by a noble house or community councils. The population in any period (excluding periods of substantial exodus) hovered around a quarter to a fifth of the realm’s. Mithannúnlond (S. "Grey-West-Haven") and Mithrhûlond (S. "Grey-East-Haven") were the proper names of the two cities.

  • Type: Twin Cities.
  • Inhabitants: 50% Nando, 40% Sinda, 10% Noldo.
  • Population: 9,200: 7,000 in Mithrhûlond and 2,200 in Mithannûlond; 50% Nandorin, 40% Sindarin, 10% Noldorin and Mithrin (1643).
  • Origin: Founded by Cirdan after the Fall of Beleriand.
  • Purpose: The manufacture of ships; a departure point for Elves leaving Middle-earth.
  • Symbol: A White Pelannun on a Blue Field.

The harbors, Mithannúnlond on the west shore of the Gulf of Lhûn and Mithrhûlond on the east, make up the city. Traffic across the Gulf in swift and graceful Elven craft is quite regular. At night, the lanterns on the prows of Elven craft make the Gulf dance with sparkling lights. As with most Elf-cities, Mithlond is a place of magic and beauty. Most Men avoid Mithlond out of fear, and the Elves see little reason to meddle in the petty affairs of mortal races. However, Mithlond is an open city, and the Elves would not turn away an honest traveler who sought their gates, although their welcome might appear cool to those not versed in their ways.

Sites of Interest

Mithlond Illustration by Amegusa

  • Anchor Watch
  • The Bough
  • The Gardens
  • Mouth of Lune
  • The Castle
  • Central Island
  • The Gate
  • The Grey Tower
  • The Lighthouse
  • Mithannúlond
  • Mithlond Harbor
  • the Mithrond
  • Mithrûlond
  • Northeastern Bridge
  • Northwestern Bridge
  • The Piers
  • The Port
  • Southern Bridge
  • The Theatre


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