The Minyar were the family and followers of Imin, the first Elf to awake at Cuivienen.They were the ancestors of the later Vanyar.


Like all early Elves, the Minyar were mostly simple hunter-gatherers, enjoying a largely nomadic life.They loved mountain-slopes and hills as well as light forests and lush meadows, but generally shunned the darker and deeper woodlands and the coastal areas.They were skilled musicians, poets and artists, though not as great singers as the Nelyar or as great crafters as the Tatyar.


The Minyar for the most part resembled their later descendants, the Vanyar, except for most being less tall than the Elves of Aman. They were also strongly built,yet more gracile than the Tatyar. They were noted for their golden hair and ivory-pale or sometimes slightly gold-coloured skin and their bright (often blue or grey, sometimes violet, golden, or green) eyes.

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