Mindolluin (S."Towering Blue Head") was the easternmost peak of the Ered Nimrais and as such, marked the natural boundary between Old Anórien and Eastern Gondor. Rising nearly several thousand feet above the Vale of Anduin, the precipice of Mindolluin created the rearward defense for the city of Minas Anor, which rested upon a rocky spur of the mountain. Nestled against the eastern face of Mindolluin were the hallows of Meneldil and his royal heirs, and far above these was the High Hallow, the most sacred place in all of Gondor, where alone the kings might intercede with Eru Illuvatar on behalf of the Faithful. The slopes of Mindolluin were sheer and unclimbable, and the narrow path leading up to the High Hallow was accessible only from the lower, royal hallows.


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