Minaglar (TA 1332-1381) was the eldest son of Tarastôr and the eighth King of Cardolan.Minaglar married Idhril of Arthedain, a Dúnadan Noblewoman related to King Amlaith.After Minaglar's death his son Osthir would have ascended the throne, but he died in the battle for Tyrn Gorthad, being slain by the Troll-Chief Rogrog of Angmar, before his claim could be acknowledged by the other eriadorian Kings or any other official ceremony of coronation.

Osthir's daughter Nirnadel was able to escape, but never rose to the throne and died but a few years later.After Nirnaxel's death the royal noble line of Cardolan ended and competing feudal lords of lesser Dúnadan descend took over the rule, none of them however claiming the title King any longer


Original form in MERP:Minalcar

However Minalcar seems to be a Quenya form.As the sucessors of Eärendur of Arnor took names in Sindarin, this is corrected here by replacing Minalcar with a possible Sindarin equivalent.

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