Milkwhite Trumpet

Outside Mirkwood, the deadly milk-white trumpet grew to a height of 10; within the forest, however, this sinister plant reached its full potential and could grow up to 12' in height. The pale, trumpet-shaped flowers of this giant variety spred out to a width of up to 1'. Its stalk was thick (up to 1' in diameter) and had many leaves, each as long as a man and 2' in diameter, radiating from the main stalk at 1' intervals. If any part of it was bruised, the trumpet emited a sickening odor. When disturbed by contact, its flowers forcefully ejected their pollen in a dust cloud 3' in diameter. They could do this once per day. Anyone sprayed by the giant plant during its pollination season (from spring to early summer) was at risk for blindness and even death. Resistant individuals experienced nausea for 1 week. Moderate individuals experienced blindness for 1 week, and susceptible victims lapsed into madness for 2 weeks, followed by a 25% chance of death. In mid-autumn, the trumpet produced a prickly seed pod, nearly as big as a Hobbit's hand. Inside were dozens of black, bitter seeds the size of raisins. When dried and groundde before being consumed, each seed gave the consumer a sense of euphoria and false confidence in battle. More than 1 seed killed a Man or Hobbit quickly and painfully; 3 killed a Dwarf, 10 an Orc. Elves were immune.


  • retrieved from:Realms of Arda
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