Meryárë Arialóme
Originally: Andúnië, Númenor; later: Osgiliath, Gondor
Time Period
ca. S.A. 3200 - S.A. 3318
Meneldil (N), Elenalóto (N), Amanyë (N), Númeniel (N) (N) = non-canon

Meryárë Arialóme, also known as Sirilien or Airalóme Sirilien, (S.A. 3220-3318) was one of the most beautiful Númenórean women that lived in Númenór. She was the wife of Anárion Elendilion, son of Elendil the Tall, and the mother of Elenalóto, Amanyë, Númeniel, and Meneldil. After giving birth to her fourth child in S.A. 3318, Meryárë started to grow ill and passed away beside her lover.


Born in S.A. 3220 to a wealthy family that had rebelled against Ar-Pharazôn, Meryárë Arialóme was known to be one of the most tallest and beautifulest women that lived in the kingdom of Númenór. This was where she would meet the mighty Anárion Elendilion, the son of Elendil the Tall and brother of Isildur Elendilion. She later married him in S.A. 3255 and gave him a shiny pearl as a wedding gift. During that same year, Meryárë had been pregnant with her first child and gave birth in the early days of fall. She decided to name her daughter Elenalóto, a name that was closely resembled to her father-in-law Elendil. Eventually during the summer in S.A. 3262, Meryárë gave birth to her second child and named her Amanyë. Later in S.A. 3299, she gave birth to her third daughter and Númeniel.

Before giving birth to her fourth child, Meryárë and her family joined the Faithful the small minority of Númenóreans that remained loyal to the will of the Valar throughout the history of Númenor and resisted the dark rule of King Ar-Pharazôn and his councilor Sauron. A year before Númenor's fall, Meryárë passed away from childbirth after giving her fourth child, who was a son, was born. She was still alive when she spent her great moments with her son and husband. Her death drove Anárion in a sake of depression once he buried her in a garden. Meryárë would still be remembered by her husband after he survived Númenor's downfall and became the first king of Gondor.

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