Belegost TA

Merenost upon Belegost

Merenost (S."Joyous hold"; Kh."Azelanduzur") was the King's seat of the Dwarves of the Ered Luin. It was built on the ruins of Belegost and an old hold of the Broadbeams and Firebeards, the Dwarves descending from Dwalin's and Uri's Tribes.It's ruler was known as the King of the Vale and usually came from the house of Úri.

Merenost held the last active mint in Eriador after the fall of Arthedain and it's smiths and artisans were among the best beyond the Vale of Nan-i-Naugrim. The mines of the Dwarves provided little but iron, tin, copper, and coal for their smelting furnaces, but the ores gave them a respectable income and an important role in the economy of Eriador throughout the Third Age.


Thrár III


The original name in MERP WAS "Merlost", which looks like a combination of Quenya "Mer", "hope, wish", and Sindarin "Lost","empty", though more likely the sindarin word "Ost", "Fortress, hold", was intended.


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