The Forodwaith (Fo."Imehwäke") were an enigmatic people of the Far North.They were the ancestors of the more western Lossoth on the Icebay of Forochel and were believed to be descendants of refugees from the drowning of Beleriand, especially the Bórians.


The Forodwaith were a Mornârim People which was driven out of the northeastern regions by their kinsmen, the ancestors of the later Urdar.They fled to the northern Waste and became a people of scattered Hunters, Gatherers, Nomads, Herdsmen and fishermen.


The Forodwaith Tribes spoke two different languages, the westernmost spoke a dialect of Labba, the same language as their Losson Offspring, the southernmost spoke a dialect close to the Rhovanian language of the Men of Dale and Esgaroth.Some easternmost tribes were also fluent in Easterling tongues, notably Dyrian, Lotanig, Syrnan and Urdar.


The Forodwaith Culture was influenced by the Snow Elves and Avari of the north and the Stiffbeard Dwarves.Tribes of the Steppes and forestlands were for the most part Hunters, Trappers and Herdsmen, tribes of the River Valleys and northern Shorelands were also fishermen.The northern tribes had even made efforts in Shipbuilding and traveled the Forogaer in sturdy ships known as Ice-riggers.These northernmost Forodwaith were known as able Mariners, Whalers and Sealers.They were also tamers of Losrandir and the great Norsu.

Forodwaith Tribes were led by Sages and Chieftains, often Shamans, Elders or great Hunters.Some Tribes were ruled by Matriarchs while others were patriarchal.The Forodwaith revered a number of ancient spirits but their main deity was the single god ôs (Eru).

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