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The Men of Núrn (M."Núrniag" S."Núrnoth") were the mannish slave-population of Núrn. They were the descendants of the original mannish Inhabitants of Mordor and generations of Slaves of Easterling and Haradrim origin.


The original Inhabitants of Mordor were believed to have been a primitive agricultural people native to the shore-lands of the Núrnen and Hill Tribes of the Ered Lithui and Ephel Duath. The first group was, originally, identical with the People of Khand, descendants of Ioriags from central Middle-Earth, the latter were Donan and Donaen, tribes akin to the original inhabitants of Gondor.

With the rise of the dark Lord, Sauron introduced the Cult of the Eye as a religion and metallurgy as a technique to the Men of Mordor. The ruling Class of free men and warriors became known as Variags while the unfree class of slaves became known as the Núrniags.With the fall of Sauron at the end of the third Age the highest lieutenants of Sauron fled or were persecuted by their former subjects and Núrn became a formally free fief, ruled by indigenous families but tributary to the reunited Kingdom.


The Variags were the free Warrior Class of Núrn and Khand.Local Lords and rulers were considered Variags while the lesser Classes were considered Núrniags. Núrniags often worked along with Snaga-Orcs and ploughed the fields of Núrn and tended Sauron´s plantations.The unfree classes also deployed the host of Craftsmen, technicians and lower ranks of the Taskmasters, creating several distinguished classes of more or less privileged Slaves, while capable Men and Women might rise to the ranks of Variags and Priestesses.The Wild Trolls were seen as mere Beasts of Burden and tools for cultivating the land and operating heavy machinery as Mills and Harvesters, much like the Great Beasts of Núrn. Greater Orcs often served along with Variags in the Dark Lords Hosts while Variags often employed Snagas as Slaves or for personal amusement. Along with farming and fishing, the Men of Núrn herded cattle, mostly black Cattle, black Goats, Warthogs and to some degree smaller farm animals.

The Cult of the Eye revered Tumrakhi or Shakhburz (Sauron) as a deified being and highest representative and heir of Goth or Alkar (Melkor), the true Lord of Darkness.


The populace of Núrn was of mixed descent.Most Núrniags were of middle height, swarthy and dark haired and dark eyed, Variags often tended to be taller and darker.Clothes were made of leather and wool, men wore long-armed tunics, sarabaras and pelted Hats.Women wore colorful long dresses and elaborate headgear and scarfs. Armour was most often made of Curbul, studded leather and bronze. Elite-Units and higher Classes however were clad in Black Steel. Common weapons were Composite bows, Spears, Handaxes and round shields. Helmets corresponded to the typical Variag Helms.


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