Men of Mordor

The Mordormen or Mordorians were the mannish populace of Mordor.


The Men of Mordor were of different heritage, the lowest classes were the Slaves and unfree planters of Núrn while in the mountain regions descendants of the Donaen and Donan Hillmen dominated the rural classes. Professional Warriors were often of Variag descent but also some families of Black Númenórean origin had settled the Black Land and left their trace in the indigenous mannish populace while still others descended from the Outcasts of Udûn.


While in Núrn men were predominantly Planters, in other areas of Mordor Herders and cattle-breeders predominated. Most widespread Herd-animals were the Murdorūt, or Black Cattle, and the Dagri, or wild mountain Goats, also bred by many orcish tribes.


The Men of Mordor acknowledged Sauron as a deity and followed the Cult of the Eye.

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