The Anórians were the common folk of the gondorian province of Anórien.Although Anórien had traditionally always been one of the royal lands and heart of Gondor it's populance actually was quite mixed.While in the lands surrounding Minas Tirith and Cair Andros still many families of high Dúnadan heritage prevailed, the mountains and valleys were populated by men who were direct descendants of the ancient mountainmen of the ered Nimrais and along the western borders many of the common folk were descended from the people of old Calenardhon or had intermarried with the neighbouring Rohirrim.Yet in the wilds, close to and within the marshes of the Nindalf the archaic Marshmen or Ninniden prevailed and the deep regions of the Drúadan Forest were the retreat of some of the last remnants of the Drúedain.

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