Vog Murian Woman

The Vog Murian were a mannish people that had settled the Vog Mur long ago.Relatives of the Sháy an Veryans they originally hailed from lands to the north but their tales said they had once escaped great wars between the Elves of the Morning and the Master of Malice. Later they were colonized by forerunners of the later Order of Horûs, Mercenaries of Kiran descend.They separated themselves into several groups, the more urban and civilized citizens of Purll Cibur and Encla Turic, Nomads, coastal fisherfolk, Pirates, and the primitive Forest-, Cave- and Cliff- Dwellers (or Eduum-Kai).All groups were however closely akin and short and stocky and dark-complexioned (Although the Cave-dwellers and Eduun-kai were still more close to Shayans while the urban men and pirates had more in common with the Kirani).The Rulers of Vog Mur were however a dynasty of elf-blooded (descendants of leaders of the Order of Hôrús and Loari or Muri-Elves) who despised the darker and smaller common folk.


The folk of Dalov Perll had adapted an elegant Elvish, through the years, they had changed its grammar and structure to meet their needs. The language was quite intelligible to an Elf or one familiar with Elven tongues. As a spoken language, however, it was difficult to understand in the dialect of Vog Mur's natives. Indeed, many words, names, phrases and idioms had been borrowed from an ancient Elven tongue blended with the more prosaic Mannish tongues spoken by the peoples of Isra, Orbis, and less frequently, Tana, Verya, and Emer.


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