The Men Rómen and interlinking Trails

Southern Rhovanion contained a network of lesser roads

and two major East-West highways. The greatest was built by the Gondorians, who joined a number of ancient caravan paths to make a highway capable of quickly and efficiently moving armies and goods between the Anduin Valley and Rhûn. This was the Men Romen, or "East Way," a route beginning at the South Undeeps in the west and forking into northern and southern routes at the town of Ohtalepet (Q. "Warfinger") in the midst of the Talath Harroch. Sometimes paved and always marked by cairns or signposts, the Men Romen was one of the most strategic roads in all of Endor. Its northern fork connected southern Rhovanion with the Donu and Celduin valleys and marches northeast from Warfinger to Ilanin ("Wain-town"). The southern fork dissected Warfinger's "Tent Quarter" and wound across the Talath Harroch toward the southwest- ern tip of the Sea of Rhûn. Since the rise of the Easterlings, the latter road had been devoted more to local trade and the movement of garrisons than to major commerce.

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