The Men-i-Araw

The Men-in-Araw

served as the chief avenue of trade in central Wilderland. Beginning at the Waldandungs capital of Vidubaurg (Rh. "Forest Hold") in the East Bight, this corduroy (wood- plank) road also forked. The northern branch continued eastward out of Waldmarhbaurg, meet the Men Celduin outside Alcisbaurg, and then descended through the breaks and ridgelands above the river Ardruiga before merging with the Horse Road at Mearingburg on the river Celduin. The southern fork swung southward from Buhr Waldmarh, passed by Strayhold (Rh. "Unsibiabaurg;" W. "Lawless Hold"), and skirted the edges of Mirkwood until it ran into the Men Romen. An ancient road, the Men-in-A raw cut straight through the East Bight, up into the Mirkwood Narrows. Locals called it the Glorious Road, for it led to the Hill-citadel of Buhr Ailgra, Vidugavia's ca pital. Although partially ruined, Buhr Widu still stood strong, not five miles from the Wood. The settlement remained the center of Waildung culture as well as the focus of a rich lumber trade. Northman axemen still harvesed timber in the surrounding woods, using teams of huge work-horses to drag the ancient logs out of the forest.

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