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Melkorin or Melkian was the ancient language of Utumno, imagined by Morgoth for his own purpose. It became a court tongue of Morgoth's highest adherents such as demons and dragons but also had it's impact on Orcish (although in a debased form) and the Black Speech of Mordor.

Genealogy of Melkorin

Words of Melkian or Angbandian Orcish Origin

  • Bol- powerful, mighty
  • Boldog - Mighty Soldier, Orc-Demon
  • Dog - Orc-Soldier
  • Gong - lesser Orc, Goblin, Orc of the Hills
  • Goth - Master
  • Gothmog - Voice of the Master
  • Lug - Tower
  • Mog - Voice
  • Rog - Fast
  • Uruk - Demon, Great Orc

Names supposed to be Melkian in origin:

  • Fankil
  • Kuruki
  • Langon
  • Thû
  • Ulbandi

Melkian seems to have been based on a twisting of existing languages. For example Goth and Gothmog seem to be the Sindarin Names Morgoth and Gothmog filled with new meanings (possibly because Morgoth wasn't able to eradicate the old names he reinterpreted them to his slaves and servants).

Outer information

It is unknown what Tolkiens intentions for Melkian were about.The known Angbandian words show influences from old Irish, hungarian and Akkadian.The Neo-Melkorin used by the ICE-Authors was partially based on modified finnish.

The "neo-Melkian" used on this wiki is reconstructed from other Tolkienian languages such as Black speech, orcish, Goldogrin, Valarin and primitive Quendian.