Melian of Doriath

Melian (S."Beloved gift"; Q."Melyanna") was unique among the Maier, for she wed

one of the Eldar. As wife of the Sinda Elwe (Elu Thingol), King of Doriath in First Age Beleriand, Melian was tied to an exceptionally beautiful "human" form. She responded to the great dangers to the north by weaving a girdle of enchantment within which Elwe could found a kingdom (Doriath) protected from the onslaughts of Morgoth's armies. Despite her efforts, however, Doriath succumbed to less obvious dangers: pas- sion and greed. Elwe was not felled by the Black Enemy's minions; rather, he was killed by Dwarves in the struggle for a Silmaril. After Elwe's death, Melian returned to the gardens of Lorien (Q."Dream-land") in Valinor, abandoning her Endorian form. There, she tended the flowers of her Mistress Vana and the pools of Este, wife of Irmo (Lord of Lorien). Her bloodlines forever touched Middle-earth, however, for Melian was the mother of Luthien and the ancestor of Elrond and Elros.

A lover of living things and enamored of beauty and emotion, Melian was the empathetic protectress of Men and lesser beasts. Her considerable powers enabled her to protect a huge area against a host of dangerous foes. She was a master of protective enchantments and blessings and was undoubtedly one of the greatest singers ever to walk Endor. In the Elder Days, Melian even taught Nightingales to sing, as evidenced by the flocks that followed her wherever she went.


Melian was one of the most beautiful of the Maiar: tall and slender, with long dark hair, pale white skin, and deep bright eyes. She dressed in exquisitely lovely filmy garments that were the hue of night, jet-spangled and girt with silver.


  • Nightingales
  • Songbirds



  • Amulet of Dreams— Composed of a grey diamond nestled in a simple silver and black ithilnaur setting, the amulet was a gift of the Vala Lorien (Irmo).When placed upon the forehead of another, it enables the wearer to read (and visualize) the other's last thoughts—even if the other person is dead.
  • Crown of silver
  • girdle of silver blended with pale gold
  • slippers of silver crusted with diamonds, fashioned in delicate scales


  • Foresight
  • Girdling— Melian has the power to extend her presence, creating a girdle, or presence-wall, with a 275 mile diameter. Within this region, Melian can sense the number and basic nature of the presences whenever she concentrates.
  • Song-weaving— Melian can use her voice to create any sound within the range of any animal found in Middle-earth and, while singing, she can communicate with any creature.
  • Domination— Melian can direct her gaze upon any one individual (within a range of 275') in order to dominate him.
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