Map of Melburg

  • Type: Fortified Market Town .
  • Inhabitants: 90% Northman, 5% Gondorian, 5% Other
  • Population: 1,200
  • Origin: Built by Northman settlers in roughly TA 1020
  • Purpose: A focal point for Northman political, social and economic activity in the Nan Anduin; a reprovisioning center along the Great East Road; a base for tin mining

Due to its central position, Melburg or earlier Mathleisbaurg (Rh."Market-Town" or ""Assembly-Town") controlled virtually all trade in upper Anduin valley. In addition to its mercantile role, Melburg also produced much of the tin used in Gondor and Rhovanion, due to several mines in the lower slopes of the Hithaeglir. Few travellers heading west on the Great East Road would fail to reprovision themselves here before crossing the Misty Mountains, and most people moving east stopped to recuperate from the mountain passage.

The town was built upon an artificial hill and was surrounded by a stout wooden palisade for defense. Though a Northman nobleman controlled the town and the lands around it, Gondor maintained a small force in Methelburg to keep an eye on the commercial center and considered her gateway to northern Rhovanion. The proximity of Methelburg to Angmar and the Orc-holds of Gundabad and the Misty Mountains also resulted in a large population of spies in town, and most folk learned swiftly to guard their speech within the walls. Methelburg was one of the few locations where Northmen would converse freely with Dúnedain, Hillmen, Dunmen, Dwarves, and even occasional Elves, but this cosmopolitan atmosphere had been bought at the expense of increased suspicion in most dealings.


TA 1640: Helporeik Morwen

TA 3019 Berga


Original form in MERP: Maethelburg = Mathleisbaurg = Melburg


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