An Ereg Eiren Monk in Combat

Martial Arts
or fighting arts or refers to various kinds of fighting systems, armed as well as unarmed Combat.The Valar and Morgoth both invented different styles of Fighting and Warcraft but Tulkas was the unchallenged greatest melee Fighter of entire Arda and he had taught some of his art to his maiar and the High-Elves who on their part taught their knowlege about fighting to the Edain. The best known unarmed fighting techniques in Middle-Earth were boxing and wrestling or grappling, armed fighting styles included shortblades, Longblades, Blunt Weapons, Axes, Pole-arms and Marksmanship.


A Martial Arts Fighter in Middle-Earth might be:


The MERP Books frequently mentions folk wrestling and boxing among the Men of Middle-Earth, High-Elves and some Númenóreans knew the unarmed fighting arts of the Servants of Tulkas, the Orcs knew a style of Wrestling (Or."Parfutag") which included use of fangs, claws, strangling and techniques of leaping or jumping and pulling down the opponent.A human Culture that knew a rather exotic kind of Martial arts were the Dyrians.Dyrian Fighting was a style of unarmed combat of which several rival schools and philosophies existed.In the Utter South the Drelic Monks of Ereg Eiren had also developed a style of unarmed the Farthest East the Womaw had developed a sport known as wômarin-wrestling, in which especially trained heavy and broad opponents tried to best each other in unarmed combat.

The Monk and Warrior Monk are MERP Professions who handle martial arts.


Martial Arts, especially eastern martial arts play a wider role in Rolemaster, there are Nerve Strikes and Locking Holds and diverse Styles such as Karate¸ Taekwondo¸ Ninjutsu, Sumo, Ken-jutsu, italian- and spanish fencing or savate are covered within the game System. Rolemaster professions that include martial Arts fighting are for example:Ashigaru, Ninja, Sohei, Taoist, Samurai, Yamabushi or Zen-Monk. Rolemaster also includes stats and descriprtions for Eastern weapons such as the Katana, Wakizashi, TonfaTetsuboYari and¸Dai-Kyu.

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