During the last days of the First Age,Morgoth's host was scattered;many of his minions were hunted down and destroyed by the vengeful Valinorean army . One such figure was Maroch, a Greater Ordainer (Balrog), who escaped from Beleriand to flee eastwards . Yet the victorious army tracked and confronted him in the Grey-wood . Seeing no way to defeat his enemies, Maroch banished himself to the Void until such time as someone sacrificed a human in the wood while repeatedly reciting his name . The Valinoreans could find no other way to break the spell, and so left him with the hope that no-one would remember these events and the Balrog's whereabouts . The Ordainer's spirit lingered in the wood and those straying beneath the trees usually fled Eryn-myth in terror. Had Sauron known of Maroch's fate, he would almost certainly have freed him and commanded the Ordainer to destroy much of northwestern Middle-earth.


  • Maroch
  • Uduvrin


  • MERP:Calenhad - Beacon of Gondor
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