a Mariner on the Bay of Belfalas

A Mariner is a Sailor and Seafarer.A Mariner may also be an Explorer, Riverman or Ferryman, Fisherman, Shipwright, Corsair, Pirate or Sea-Warrior.

The most famous Mariners in middle-Earth were the Númenóreans and the Sindar and Falmari.The famous Seafarers of the Guild of Venturers were also known as the Uinendili.There was also seafaring and seatravel on the Inland Seas of Rhûnaer and Núrnen and along the southern and eastern coasts of Endor..

Mariners of Renown:


The Mariner is a playable order in LOTRRPG and Sailor is a profession in Rolemaster

Examples for Mariners

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