Marhreik (Old Rh. "Horse-Ruler") was born and raised in a small Woodman settlement located in the narrow strip of trees west of Alcisbaurg. Although his family harvested the fruits of the forest for a living, supplemented by by carpentry done by Marhic's father, they held their heads a little higher than the other folk of the village. Aivareik, their Aivathiuda ancestor whose ring was passed from first son to first son, fought valiantly under Vidugavia and gained much honor. Marhreik customarily wore a plain, beige tunic to conceal the leather jerkin covering his torso. Stout boots protected his legs, and a scarlet cape repelled rain. The Northman wielded a finely crafted broadsword, but his composite bow was the finer weapon. Constructed of thin strips of horn laminated to a beechwood core together with fibers of ox tendon for resiliency, the bow gave an archer's arrows superb penetrating power. One arrow in Marhreik's quiver was an enchanted bolt that would always find its mark when it's rightful owner was in peril of death.


  • Aivareik's Arrow


Original form in MERP:Marhic


  • MERP:Angus McBride’s Characters of Middle-earth
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