Marhcara the High-Thane

Marhcara (Old Rh. "Horse-Care") was the High-Thegen (High-Chief) of the Alciswardias-Clan, and by no means “leader” of the Aivathiuda, which had always been a rather loose organization of tribes.He was the son of the insane Prince Marhaidureik and was credited with pulling his tribe through the Great Plague of T.A. 1639-40.

His arch-enemy was the Easterling Lyhud (also High-Chief) of the Trôs Clan of the Sagath tribe, Trôs-Hesnef of Ilanin.

At 83, Marhcara was a member of an ancient house. A superb horseman, his cavalry enjoyed the thrill of striking an Easterling camp and carrying away their horses, while taking few prisoners. Standing 6’4” and weighing 265 pounds, Mahrcared was burly, blond, and gruff. Legends credited him with breaking the neck of an Easterling warhorse with his bare hands while a youth. Marhcara rode into battle on his steed, Moraga, striking a formidable presence with his expertise in axe and sword.


MERP gives the original Names in Pseudo-Anglo-saxon: Marcared and Mohrig.


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