A young man, Manâri had spent the last three years searching for the roots of his family. When his father died a destitute farmer, he hoped that one day he could find a better resting place for his sire's remains. His search into the past had become an obsession. The most recent discovery rejuvenated the scholar's spirit and brought him back to Avashar. He continued in ignorance concerning the Seeing-stones and their history. The close of his search for a proper burial for his father was sufficient for Manâri. He now planned to find the shrine and prepare it for his father's arrival. The only item missing from his agenda was a team of explorers that might help him locate the ruin. Manari was a passionate man who often les his emotions interfere with his judgement. During his time in Tresti, however, he made friends with a merchant trader whose guidance sometimes curbed the young man's temper. Regretably, his fiery disposition flared one week, and Manari made his displeasure known to the Keepers of the Tresti library. This outburst was the catalyst that brought his search to the attention of the Nazgûl Khôrahil (the "Storm King"). Manâri was a thin, but tall, Haradron man with hard features and long black hair. Although he possessed Númenórean blood, it had been mixed over a hundred generations. He wore loose-fitting trousers, a desert tunic, and had a falchion strapped to his side.


Original form in MERP:Manari Akaji


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