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Original form in MERP:Ro-Malborn or Malborn Hight
Original forms in MERP: Ro-Malborn or Malborn High

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Malborn Observatory


Malborn Height Maps

Taen na Malborn (S."Malborn's Height") was the private residence and observatory of the royal Seer Malborn.

Visible from the town of Fornost, yet some distance beyond, the observatory stood atop a hill to snare the least distorted view possible of the stars. A slender tower of translucent, white stone capped with a sectioned dome of steel, its polished surface blinded under the hard brilliance of sunlight, but came gently alive to bewitch and captivate under the softer rays of stars and moon. A dirt path traveled through the herbs, mosses, and grass carpeting the hills to connect the tower with the city.


Original forms in MERP: Ro-Malborn or Malborn High


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