Makar was an Ainu of Battlelust and war who rejoiced in Storms and earth-quakes and the furies of the ancient seas.He was the brother of Measse, both of the siblings lived in a dark hall in northern Aman with a following of battle-loving spirits.They were no direct servants of any of the Valar but in the beginning had been close to Melkor before his fall.The only Vala who had kept up contact to the couple was Tulkas who used to excercise Martial Arts with Makar on and off.The two Spirits of war also were the keepers of the Weaponry and Armour of the Valar and chosen by Manwe as the guardians of the northern mountain paths of the Pelori.


  • Magorn
  • Magron
  • Ramandor



  • Horse of Makar

Lost Tales

Initially Measse and Makar were going to be warrior Valar who sparred with Tulkas and hated how he was never serious during a fight. Makar seemed more bitter to Tulkas than Measse but eventually Tolkien dropped this idea, but ICE MERP could have used their names and incorporated them into the game just like any other Lost Tale name. A prime example of this would be Lungorthin, Tevildo, etc. Also other former Valar such as Salmar, Eonwe, Thorondor, Ilmare, Uinen or Osse had been re-imagined as lesser Maiar by Tolkien himself. The last Trace of Makar and Measse in the published Silmarillion was the mentioning of an unnamed Guard Manwe sent to ward the northern Pelori, a position originally held by the Warrior-gods.

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