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Mahûd Chieftain

The Mahûd (Har."Mûmak-riders") were an enigmatic culture among the Black Men of southern Middle-Earth and consisted of a number of disparate tribes without central leadership, led by Tribe-Masters, Beastmaster-Chieftains or petty Kings. They were the tamers and Beastmasters of the Mûmakil and hailed from the great southern forests and savannahs.

The Serpent Lord gave a few of their Lords the lands surrounding the ancient ruin city of Kârna as a fief as a reward for serving in the Serpent Army. Around the Lands of Kârna, they formed a kingdom of their own.

Among their known Leaders were: Busâh, L´rana, K´ala, Hasabb, Muhâd, R´chaka

Physical Appearance

The Mahûd of Far Harad appeared tall, muscular and bronze-skinned. They tended to wear loincloths and cloaks and protected themselves with bamboo-armor and shields. Their arms were haril and karharil scimitars, spiked clubs and blowpipes. The Mahûd also exhibited a custom of elaborate war-paint and ritual scarifications.


The Mahûd were probably descendants of the Mûmakani, the tribes of Mûmakan in the utter south

The appearance of the Mahûd seems to be inspired by historical African Zulu and Masai Warriors.

In some fanfic the Mahûd are identified with a former client-people of the Dakôme, a fallen realm of Amazons in western far-Harad, the land of the great Mûmakil.

The name Mahûd is derived from actual Hindi "Mahout", "Owner of a work-elephant".


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