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Melkian; New Apysan; Tazinain; Yellow Mountain-Orcish
time period
Elder Days - about TA 1640

Like the Balrog of Moria, Magurgoth the Demon of the Tûr Betark (B.S. “Powerful War- lord”) was a Fire Spirit. He was released from the Void by Akhorahil and remained the major force for evil in Greater Harad. Magurgoth rarely left the treasury of Evefalin, but his minions did his will wherever he ordered them. When the Demon moved to combat intruders with his own presence, he attacked with great fury, driving off or destroying his foes. Although not as powerful as Durin’s Bane, Magurgoth was more than capable of defeating most warriors and lesser magi. Great leathery wings protruding from his massive shoulders enhanced the Demon’s abilities to fight and move. This gave him a substantial advantage in the immense Dwarven halls. His great taloned hands and feet accompanied by huge fanged jaws would alone make him a worthy opponent. However, Magurgoth possessed an intellect that rivalled those of the greatest generals. The Demon was a master of fire and light spells. His tactical ability, great power, and intelligence were sufficient to maintain order amongst the Orcs and Trolls, driving these minions to courage in battle. Magurgoth’s fiendish nature enjoyed toying with hapless victims. Bearing a great flaming axe, too large for Man or Elf to wield, he could attack two foes at the same moment. The Demon was also able to immolate at will, buming all within ten feet of his body.


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