The Magri were a tribal people of the Utter South where they inhabited the lands of Mag and Tûmag.They were not a unified people but consisted of a great number of often estranged and divided clans or tribes.Even the division between their two home countries was not so much a political one than one between "Land" ("Mag") and "wooded land" ("Tûmag").Most lived along the coasts or riverine valleys and apart from fishing and boat-building, violent sea-raids made up much of their quite war-like culture.Their reputation for loyalty, honor and chivalry however also made them quite popular mercenaries and it was not uncommon to meet entire clans or tribes far off their original homelands in service of one or more local potentates.Luckily inner tribal struggles always kept them from uniting against a common enemy and becoming a noteable power by themselves.

They were a superstitious folk and worshiped a number of tribal Idols including Roh'lô, spirit of darkness and souls, Alâv, spirit of fire and light, Kutamaryi, spirit of winds and waters, and Ardri, spirit of earth and plants.These however seemed to show little similarities with any the valar and had sometimes been guessed to have been rather based on ancient demons.

They spoke "Magri", a dialect of the more common Apysaic family.

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