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a Drúadan Tribal Magician

In Middle-Earth a Magician was a user of a kind of magic power. Most elves had magic powers they saw as simple skills (Q. "Curu") or deep lore (Q. "ñólë").

Beorn the Skinchanger was considered a "Magician", due to his ability to change into a bear, as well as Sauron and the Nazgûl were called Magicians. Among the Dúnedain were wise men that watched the stars and created potions, in eastern and southern Middle-Earth magical cults and traditions were founded by the Ithryn Luin.

The Heren Istarion used the mask of the traveling conjurer, Illusionist, Hermit, Wise Councilor, Great Sage, Scholar or Charlatan as a cover for their true identity as great Maiarin spirits.Magicians could be variously known as Wizards, Sorcerers, Witches , but commonly throughout Middle-Earth "Magician" referred to a "lesser magic-user" while "Wizard" was only applied to the most wise and powerful beings, "Sorcerer" commonly had a negative connotation and often implied somebody who worked with "Evil magic" and "Witch" was at best ambiguous.

Many smiths, Minstrels, Artisans, Warriors and Healers also had some degree of "magical" abilities. Seers and Prophets were also often considered Magicians as well.

Various types of Magician:

Magicians of renown


The Magician is a playable class in MERP, Rolemaster and LOTRRPG.Rolemaster also has other Magician Professions or specializations:Adept, Arcane Elementalist, Arcanist, Arch Mage, Arcist, Astral Traveller, Astrologer, Crafter, Chrystal Mage, Earth-Alchemist, Elemental Channeler,Elemental Champion, Elemental Channeler, Elemental Enchanter, Elemental Summoner, Elementalist, Enchanter, Forcemage, Geomancer, High Elementalist, Illusionist, Inorganic Alchemist, Magent, Magus, Maleficant, Mana Molder, Mental Alchemist, Mentalist, Miracle Worker, Moon Mage, Mystical Elementalist,Rogue Elementalist, Runemage,Runemaster, Shadow Mage, Shaman, Shamanic Alchemist, Summoner, Tarot Mage, Thaumaturge, Theurgist, Warrior Mage, Warlock, Wu Jen.

Further Examples

Magicians may also refer to the: