Many of the libraries of Middle-earth held ancient books of lore, and not a few of these were, or incorporated, treatises or compilations on magical matters.Some of these indeed did include true Elvish, Númenórean or Dwarvish knowledge that had been handed down to men, others were harmless collections of blessings or prayers or were based on old mannish superstition.Not a few however were ancient scripts about dark sorcery, secrets which had been handed down to the first men of Hildorien by Morgoth to corrupt them.Some evil black magic tomes were believed to be deceivings written by Adherents of the Dark Lord, or even the Nazgûl or Sauron himself.

Many Grimoirs included spurious and confusing instructions on how to contact Spirits or Demons, some of these seemingly well-meaning entities, others however corrupt beings.Some included ancient runes, sigils, scripts, signs, names of the Valar and other great Spirits, or half forgotten words of power or scholary instructions on Alchemy and Astrology. Many of these confused writings claimed to have been written by famous figures out of myth or history and some even used the names of old Númenórean Kings to pretend authority.If forgery or not, Magical tomes were seen as dangerous and had often enough been reported of to have corrupted reputable men.

Grimoirs and Spell-Books of Renown:

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