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The son and only child of Eol the Smith and Aredhel, Maeglin (S."sharp glance") was a secretive Elf who lusted for power—more than even the princedom of Gondolin provided. His father was dark of mood, jealous, and spiteful, and these flaws of character passed into the son. Maeglin's mother, Aredhel, sister of Turgon, the King of Gondolin, defied her brother by departing the secret valley of the Hidden City, and eventually marrying the reclusive Eol. She remained with him for many years, bearing their child. At last, missing her kin and weary of her husband's refusal to allow her to visit the sons of Feanor, she fled with Maeglin to Gondolin. Eol followed. When he learned that neither he nor his wife and child might then depart the Hidden City, he chose death for his fate. In an attempt to take his son with him, Eol's spear found Aredhel's shoulder instead. The poison on the weapon's tip killed her. Eol was executed, and the orphaned Maeglin adopted by Turgon. He prospered for many years, but when captured in battle by Morgoth's minions, he proved unworthy. Realizing that he would never become King of Gondolin (his adopted father Turgon never having named him true heir), he betrayed the location of the secret valley to the Black Enemy's forces. He was slain in the sack of the city. The Noldor cursed his name.


-dark , piercing eyes
-noble face like one of the Noldor
-swarthy skinned



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