The eldest son of Feanor, Maedhros the Tall (S."Copper-shaped"), was from

the very first passionately given to his father's terrible Oath and thereby committed many terrible and grievous acts. Despite his heinous deeds, he was most temperate of all Feanor's sons, with the single exception of Maglor. Though pledged to the foolish pursuit of Morgoth and the Silmarils, Maedhros opposed and regretted violence against Eru's Children. He was a patient ruler, guarding the March of Maedhros for many years, and striving to curb the arrogance of his brothers. Maedhros was captured by an embassy of Balrogs sent by Morgoth (feigning to acknowledge defeat and offering terms) soon after his father's death. The Black Enemy shackled his prisoner by his right wrist to the sheer face of Thangorodrim in an unbreakable band of iron. Maedhros was rescued by Thorondor the greatest of eagles and Fingon ("the Valiant"), but suffered the severance of his right hand. The loss but caused his spirit to burn with greater fierceness, and he wielded his sword with his left hand, developing more skill as a warrior than he had possessed before. Maedhros obtained a Silmaril at the end of the First Age. It burned his hand, unfit to hold the gem because of his many sins, and the Noldo cast himself in despair and regret with his prize into a deep chasm to find there, it is supposed, an unknown grave.

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Maedhros was accounted tall even among the Noldo princes (7'8") and of beautiful of bodily form. He had Copper red hair and sapphire eyes so striking in his family. The absence of his right hand, the skill of his mighty sword, and the aura of his grim, but noble, visage marked him as one of the truly notable figures in Middle-earth.


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