Purple, with white undersides and orange speckling, the Madarch (pl. "Mederch"; Kh. "Zurumul") could not be mistaken. This gaudy mushroom also grew to considerable sizes; most mature Mederch stood 4-5 feet high and had crowns which were 3-4 feet across. Their hard fibrous trunks were only about a foot in diameter, but they provided tremendous support. Indeed, a stout axeman could have trouble felling one within 10 minutes time. The Madarch grew in dark, damp nooks, usually in large clusters (51- 100). Thin, succulent ridges ran outward from the trunk, on the underside of the Madarch's crown. The juice within them was called Pelenaur (S. "Encircling Fire") and served as a powerful healing agent. Each mushroom yielded a pint of juice, which was equal to one precious dose. When mixed with an equal part of water, it formed a purplish potion which warmed the body and, within less than two hours, healed all the imbiber's cuts and blood vessels and restored normal blood flow. If one drank undiluted Pelenaur, however, his blood would churn within its channels and swell with frightening fury. Unhealed wounds reopened and cuts widened. In some cases, a victim's veins simply exploded. Greed could breed a rather disagreeable fate.

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