(S."Weighted Hand") was a powerful warrior who

lived in Doriath, where he served King Thingol as Captain of the Guard. He accompanied his King, together with Beleg Strongbow, Beren Ercharmion, and Huan the Hound when they rode out to defeat Morgoth's minion Carcharoth, who ran through Doriath, maddened by the Silmaril in his belly. After Huan slew the wolf, Mablung ripped open his innards and drew out the jewel. This defeat of the Black Enemy gave hope to the Noldor of Beleriand. Maedhros, of the sons of Feanor, called for the mustering of all the Eldar against their common foe. Yet, constrained by the oath of Feanor, Maedros also demanded that Thingol surrender to him the Silmaril gained by Luthien and Beren. Refusing the demand, Thingol went not to war, permitting only Mablung and one other to assail Morgoth in the host of Fingon. Mablung survived the disaster of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the fifth battle of the First Age, and returned to Doriath to become entangled in the fates of the children of Hurin. The captain's failure in vigilence permitted Nienor to encounter the Dragon Glaurung alone and to become ensorcelled by the Worm. Straying in a spell of forgetfulness, she married her brother Turin Turambar, who had last seen her when she was but a child and did not recognize her as a woman. Four years later, Mablung brought news of the loss of Nienor and her mother to Turin, unknowingly confirming the tale Turambar had heard of his friend Brandir: that his wile was also his sister. Mablung held himself responsible when Turin fell upon his sword Gurthang in fey dispair.


  • Bright Sword
  • Elven Axe
  • Elven-Knife
  • Elven Medical Bag
  • Great Orc spear
  • Spear of Doriath


  • Lungumá
  • Lungumaqua
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