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A large number of additional resources for the MERP game system have been published by 3rd parties. This miscellany includes: adventures, lands, realms, regions, and other various game rules supplements. The lists presented here are incomplete, and include only items that are more-or-less complete and/or have been "published".

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Lands, Realms, and Regions

MERP Supplements
Title Setting Location Setting Date Author Published Via Web Link
Kun Anyam "The Spice Streets" Greater Harad, Îsra S.A. 1920 fac? MERP Fan Modules Kun Anyam 'The Spice Streets'.pdf
A Traveler's Guide to Lindon Lindon Jeff Erwin MERP Fan Modules Lindon Gazetteer 2.rtf
Oathbreakers Gondor
Tales of the Westmarch Gondor, Calenardhon, Westmarch T.A. 1640 Randell Doty MERP Fan Modules Tales of the Westmarch.pdf
The Inland Sea Rhun, Sea of Rhun Mike Campbell, Luke Potter and Justin Morgan-Davies
Niali, City of Grey Walls (v3.5) Sháy JMME MERP Fan Modules #3021 Niali City of Grey Walls (rev35).pdf
Harshandatt in Southern Middle-earth (v.1.03) Harshandatt Eric Dubourg MERP Fan Modules #3006 Harshandatt v1.03.doc
Codya (v2.6) Ormal Bay Eric Dubourg MERP Fan Modules #3010 Codya v2.6.pdf
Ibav, the Land of Dark Tradition (v3.0) Ibav Gabriele Quaglia MERP Fan Modules Ibav v3.0.doc
Sakal an-Khâr and the Jungle of Zurghôr Sakal an-Khar (Ormal Bay) MERP Fan Modules Sakal an-Khar.doc
Tol Aduil A Haven in the Bay† Gondor, Bay of Belfalas, Tolfalas Michael Cole MERP Fan Modules Tol Aduil.pdf

NOTE: Spelling corrected to "Tol Aduial" in this wiki.

Essays, Rules and Game Supplements

MERP Supplements
Title Author Subject Published Via Web Link
Armies of Eriador Thomas Morwinsky Armies of Eriador Other Hands Magazine, Issue #33/34 Supplement Armies of Eriador.pdf
Herbs for MERP listed by Climate (unofficial)  ? Herbs of Middle-earth MERP Fan Modules Herbs for MERP listed by Climate (unofficial).doc
Necromancy Jose Enrique Vacas Magic (Necromancy) MERP Fan Modules Necromancy 0.9.pdf
Dragons  ? DRAGONS! MERP Stats MERP Fan Modules Dragons.pdf
Great Eagles  ? Great Eagles MERP Stats MERP Fan Modules Eagles.doc
Monsters and Creatures Addendum  ? Additional MERP monsters and creatures MERP Fan Modules MERP Creatures & Monsters Addendum.pdf
Armor and Weapon Design  ? Armor and weapon design MERP Fan Modules MERP Rules - Armor and Weapon Design OCR.pdf
Mithrengir’s Book of Plants, Shrubs and Growing Things  ? Yet more stuff on herbs MERP Fan Modules Mithrengir Herb book.doc
Neves  ? A collection of NPCs MERP Fan Modules Neves.pdf
Night-Warders of the Easterlings  ? A new character class MERP Fan Modules Night-Warder.pdf
Sirayn Campaign William E. Wilson Sîrayn, supplementary material to his MERP "Greater Harad" (self-published) Sirayn Campaign
The Gems of Middle-earth William E. Wilson Gems, in exhaustive detail (self-published) Gems of Middle-earth
Swords for Hire William E. Wilson NPCs, numerous (self-published) Swords for Hire
Culture 2  ? Additional Races & Cultures of Middle-earth including Bardings and others MERP Fan Modules Culture2.pdf
Princes of Cardolan  ? Great Houses of Cardolan MERP Fan Modules Princes of Cardolan.pdf
Free Companies of Cardolan  ? Free Companies, Mercenaries and Bandits MERP Fan Modules Free Companies of Cardolan.pdf
Nobles of Gondor  ? Great Houses of Gondor MERP Fan Modules Nobles of Gondor v1.pdf

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