Múar the northern Warlord

was a Demon of the North also known as the Northern Warlord. He was sometimes considered a lesser Balrog and believed to have been one of Morgoth´s eastern Captains in the Battle of Palisor. Múar resided in the Ered Engrin and invaded Rûrîk in the Second Age following a host of Orcs and Trolls. He became the scourge of the eastern Dwarves, the Tribes of the Stonefoots and Blacklocks, and appeared periodically slaying many dwarves including the famous Lords Malln III, Bâni son of Dâni, Dâni, Glôrm Lastking and Drúin the IV. He found his doom when encountering the Dwarven Lord Bhalli Stonehand in battle who called upon Mahal and threw the mighty demon from a cleft in the Wind Mountains.


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