Mîrgaimur (Nîralil)


time period
about TA 1640

Having grown up in Umbar named "Nîralil", Mîrgaimur (Ad."Zimramûri") was a fervent believer in Sauron and his Black Temple, but held a deep scorn for those of her own race. When the temple master tried do away with her due to her belief that she should be the leader, Nîralil, now known as Mîrgaimur, tipped off a rival temple as to the Black Temple’s location. The ensuing battle slew the high priest, and Mîrgaimur fled north, settling in Osgiliath disguised as "Fîraelin", a noblewoman from Pelargir.

Her great beauty had her courted by many fine men, including the army commander of the area who told her pillow secrets that should have only been told to the Steward of Gondor. One night, Mîrgaimur dreamed of a dark, powerful figure of black with only nine fingers standing upon a hilltop of Southern Mirkwood. She awoke knowing her god and inspiration was alive and well in Dol Guldur. Eventually arriving at the gates, she demanded to speak with the Necromancer, but Khamul had her imprisoned therein. When the Nazgul interrogated her, she referred to Sauron as the “Lord of the Rings” and attracted the Dark Lord’s attention.

The next day, the avid pupil met her Dark Master alone. No one knows what transpired in that throneroom, yet Sauron was pleased and amused by her presumption. He had plans for her, as he needed an agent in the south near Mordor which he was planning to reopen. Mîrgaimur was told to set up residence at Thuringwathost to serve as an waystation for Orcs and Trolls transitioning onwards into Mordor, out of Mannish sight. As a private joke onto her, knowing her scorn about her own race, he assigned Black Númenóreans to serve as her lieutenants.



Original form in MERP: Firailian =Fîraelin = Nîralil Miruimor=Zimramûri = Mîrgaimur


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