Mîonid-Akhev was a Ioriag-Prince and the brother of Kîonid-Akhev.When Kîonid died at Knife River, his brother Mionid took the second most powerful throne among the southern Ioriags (the ancestors of the Variags). Kionid's son, in keeping with Ioradja tradition, was ordered executed; but young Ûvatha escaped and rode westward to Sturlurza Kha-on, the capital of Lower Kha-on. There, the Horseman earned his nickname and garnered the support of King Ûrig Ûrpof, the Lord of two thirds of the Variag people. He was appointed Warlord of the main army of Lower Kha-on in S.A. 1999 and deposed the Urpof Dynasty the following year. Turning on his uncle's domain, he crushed the horse-warriors of Upper Kha-on in S.A. 2000, uniting Kha-on for the first time in recorded history. His uncle Mîonid did not survive the conflict.


Original form in MERP:Mionid Achef = Mionid-Akhev

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