So fine were the tapestries and brocades fashioned by Míriel (Q."Jewel-maiden") that she was named Serindë, Broideress. Her hands were more attuned to fine work than any others among all the skill-loving Noldor. Finwë, King of the Deep-elves, took Míriel to wife in the Noontide of the Blessed Realm. Long and full of bliss were their days together, for no shadow fell upon Valinor in that time. Míriel was conceived of a son, Curufinwe, named Feanor by her. Though the fruit of happiness, Feanor brought sorrow. In the bearing and birthing of her son, the Queen grew weary and wan, diminished of both spirit and strength. She knew no child would ever again bless her womb: Feanor had taken all that might have nourished brothers and sisters. Urged by Finwe, Míriel sought rest and refreshment in Irmo's realm, Lórien. There she fell into a deep sleep from which the Queen never awoke. Her spirit left her body, which remained unwithered, and passed into the halls of Mandos, Keeper of the Houses of the Dead.


-silver-haired, dark eyed
-fond of speaking very rapidly
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