The daughter of one of the Prince's yeomen, Lothuial coveted her father's skill with the longbow from the time she could walk. When her younger brother began to learn the rudiments of archery, while she was trained in herblore by her mother, Lothuial's resentment festered and grew. Her family was traditional in the ways followed by the Dúnedain, and it's women were not trained in the arts of war. The young girl took to slipping away into the woods with a "borrowed" longbow to practice shooting at tree trunks, then squirrels, and finally deer as her prowess improved. One morning, hoping that her proficiency would mollify her father, Lothuial demonstrated her skill to him. Unfortunately, the realization that his daughter had been disobeying him for years merely enraged the yeoman beyond reason. Rigid and white with anger, he forbade Lothuial to enter the family home and informed her that that the family name was no longer hers to use. Lothuial possessed a temper as fiery as her sire's was cold. Drawing on the herblore so unwillingly learned, the young woman placed a powder in the water of her father's pitcher and wash basin before departing to the woodlands forever. She miscalculated the dose: instead of developing a painful, but temporary, outbreak of hives, the yeoman burned with a fever of which he died. Lothuial had become a fugitive in truth. Unable to return to either family or society, she joined Gontran's band of Shades. Lothuial wore the dark grey garb adopted by the Shades of [[Dol Amroth]]. It wa practical gear, although her cloak possessed an ornately embroidered stripe on its lining. The assassin's cloakpin resembled a leering Orc's face, and half a dozen silver bangles adorned her neck. Lothuial's dagger, heavier than most such blades, was her most prized possession.


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