The Forest of Lotan

Lotan was situated to the west of the mouth of the river Talathrant, along the southern shore of the Gulf of Utûm. A deciduous forest covered most of its northern reaches, while dense marshlands occupied the river valley to the east. The rest of the area consisted of a cool, rich grassland. Ulgathig-speaking herders dominated the region, the Lothrag who were close cousins to the ancestors of the Wainriders.


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Places of Note:

Banadar Caladost Ciranthir Cüce Pazar Gamil-nâla Jizhníkemp Khurmand Lhûg Mûldin Namagaluz Narindazdûm Pamatoval Kruvdy Purepurla Tuaremindon Varení Pomsta Vecny Zást


  • the Wild Lands south and East, Gazetteer by Pete Fenlon
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