The Lossothren Cairn was a crude structures on a slender, rocky peninsula protruding into the Ice Bay of Forochel. The pile of boulders guarding the Stones was once a natural breakwater; the Lossoth built an earthen walkway to provide access. Later the Snowmen stacked and balanced huge rocks to create the rough mound which protected the precious Stones from the wind and weather of the cold north. Some of the rocks were carved out to enlarge the irregular chamber.

The chamber itself was narrow, deep, chiselled troughs down the right-hand wall indicated the work necessary to carve a room of this size.At the far end upon a large slab of marble that casually rested on a 3' high pile of fist-sized rocks two bowls had been gouged from the marble to cradle two of the Seeing-stones, discovered by the Lossoth from the shipwreck of Arvedui..

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